“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your reconfiguring of our lives at home!  I spent an entire hour paying bills etc at the desk and it was an absolute pleasure to find things in the proper place in a set up where it was tough to find things period.  You’re great!  Thanks!”
Rich Eisen, NFL Network

“With two young boys, our Lego collection quickly grew out of control.  Half finished projects and random Lego pieces took over our playroom.  Katie came in and solved the problem in less than three hours.  By the time she left, the Legos were sorted by project, the random pieces were stowed neatly and the instruction manuals were sorted and filed by type.  When the kids came home from school, they dove into their Legos as if they were brand new!  Katie was so great, I’m planning on hiring her back to help with other projects in the house.”
Brett K., Cheviot Hills

“I hated my basement until Katie helped transform it from a cluttered mess to an organized storage space for holiday décor, wrapping necessities, seasonal items, treasured keepsakes, and kitchen extras.  She’s a wiz.  She helped me clear the space and took two car-loads full of unwanted items to be donated.  In the end, I didn’t need to spend a penny on new shelves or containers.  Katie worked with what I already owned and the process was easy. Now I know what I have and use it way more often!”
Kim B., Hancock Park

Katie is a gem!  She organized our entire warehouse of donated goods.  From the layout of the shelves to the color and size of the bins, she worked tirelessly until there was a logical system in place.  Now donations and volunteers flow through our warehouse seamlessly.  We can’t thank her enough!
Kelly Sawyer and Norah Weinstein, Co-Presidents Baby2Baby